Home series

Hi there

So today I thought I would start a home series on the blog. We have been in our home for four years and although our house is nothing fancy, by which I mean it’s not a new build, or self build and from the outside its like many of the houses in our development. On the inside however we have worked hard to change and decorate many aspects of the interior. We have done a lot of the work ourselves and waited until we had the money to do other areas.

Four years in we are nearly ready to go back round each room and paint or change something, but isn’t that just part and partial of having a house.

So each week I am going to bring you a blog tour of our home.

You might see a colour you like or get an idea for something for your own home either way I hope you enjoy reading.

As I say there is nothing fancy just a normal everyday home but we love it. So come and join me with the first blog of the series on Friday where I will show you round our hallway.

See you soon

L x