What day is it anyway???

So we are all now trying to adjust to our new type of normal due to the UK being in lockdown with well pretty much the rest of the world. So it only really occurred to me that everyday is going to be the same for the foreseeable future. So I want to try andContinue reading “What day is it anyway???”

February favourites…

I started doing these monthly favourites last year in February and I think that was the last one I did. So I will try and get a few up this year and stick with it.  It’s not always something new and can be anything from clothes to a book or podcast.  If you like itContinue reading “February favourites…”

Miss Gracie is two……

The baby of the house has turned two and oh my it’s hard to believe. The last two years have just flew past. I always get a bit emotional thinking back to that day when our little fire cracker entered the world at 5.54am and then was took off to neo natal nine hours later.Continue reading “Miss Gracie is two……”

Life update

hi there My blog name is Laura’s little loves and one of those little loves is my work.  Although there are many. many. many things about it i don’t like generally speaking i like what i do and it can be a very rewarding job.  Not the highest paid or the most creative but aContinue reading “Life update”

Glamping at crom…… And visiting Florence Court.

Hi everyone Hope you are enjoying your summer holidays it has been so nice to have good weather unfortunately it seems to have disappeared but let’s hope it makes an appearance again soon before the holidays end. A few weeks ago we took the kids glamping at crom Estate. I only heard of crom throughContinue reading “Glamping at crom…… And visiting Florence Court.”

9-12 months baby update….

So it’s been a while since I did a baby update almost 6 months. Gracie is 11 months now and I can’t quite believe that I have actually started making plans for her first birthday. Obviously that is a milestone to celebrate but I know how quick time is passing and I so desperately wantContinue reading “9-12 months baby update….”

Schools out for summer….

With the summer holidays fast approaching I’ve been looking up ideas of things to do with the kids over the holidays. We always go out and about and there are plenty of things and places to go that don’t cost much if anything. The beach is always a winner with our boys , pack upContinue reading “Schools out for summer….”

Our family holiday….

Location and hotel For about the last 13 years we have been going to Tenerife and although we always say it would be nice to try somewhere we always end up back in Tenerife. Tenerife has something for everyone and we have went as a couple with our parents then on honeymoon and then everyContinue reading “Our family holiday….”

Ready for take off…

It’s almost time for us to go on holiday and after not having a holiday abroad last year we are so ready for a bit of sunshine. This will be Jake’s 6th time, Alfie’s 4th time and gracie’s 1st time in Tenerife so the boys are well used to flying and so far have neverContinue reading “Ready for take off…”

The start of my journey to motherhood…

I have saw a lot of posts where people have wrote their birth stories lately and I thought I would share mine. The main reason I’m doing this is because it will be nice to always have a record of it. Nearly six years on and I’m sure I’ve forgot so many things about jakesContinue reading “The start of my journey to motherhood…”