Lock down favourites

The little writing company

At the start of the last month I had order the boys these little notebooks not realising how useful they would be. They have lovely colorful covers. Alfies is a handwriting book which he traces overs the writing just to practice his handwriting. It also has two personalised pages with his name on. Jakes is a story writing book which gives promts to encourage creative writing. They also sell travel journals and other notebooks which you can find here.

This Paper Book

I saw this on Instagram and thought Gracie would love it. Its a wooden board coated in a glaze that means you can draw on it with whith whiteboard markers. She does love it and so do the boys. They have so many different products on their Instagram page have a look here

Avocado asks

I was sent this book as part of a kids readalong last month and we all loved it. Avocado is sure what he is, is he a fruit or a vegetable and as he tries to work this out he makes his way through the supermarket asking where he belongs. The message is that we are all special in our own way we don’t have to fit it. But it’s told in a light and jovial way which is why we loved it.

Clairns Radiance Boost

These dropswhere recommended to me by a friend just before Lockdown and I’m so glad I got them. The first week I used them I didn’t notice much difference but now I can. I use 2-3 drops mixed with my moisturiser. Click here to get it.

Doterra oils

I have really got into using my doterra oils around the house and in my diffuser. In February I ordered eucalyptus purely for the scent of it, I don’t think I even looked up the benefits of it. Anyhow I’ve been using it in my diffuser mainly at night and find it really calming especially as night time can be a peak time for anxiety. Its no surprise then that it was the product of the month this month and has sold out. I’ve also been using it in the shower and laundry drawer of the washing machine.

I’m reading

  • The women who stole my life
  • City of girls
  • #nofilter

I’m listening to

  • Private parts podcast
  • Happy mum happy baby podcast
  • Songs to sing in the shower Spotify playlist
  • Chris and Rosie Ramsey podcast
  • Twinnie – Hollywood Gypsie

This month I’m watching

Love is blind. Completely trashy rubbish TV but I like it.🤷‍♀️

And not much else as I’ve been in the Garden mostly. I haven’t even seen my favourite youtubers lately.

What are your favourite products you have been using in Lockdown. Let me know I always like to hear new podcast or book recommendations.

Talk to you soon

Laura x

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