What day is it anyway???

So we are all now trying to adjust to our new type of normal due to the UK being in lockdown with well pretty much the rest of the world. So it only really occurred to me that everyday is going to be the same for the foreseeable future. So I want to try and differentiate between weekday and weekends, to have something different to look forward to at the weekend. I racked my brains trying to think of something to do differently but it’s hard when you can go nowhere.

At the weekends we normally go to a cafe or two, coffee and cake is always a thing on a Saturday. Its Probably something we take for granted quite a bit and is one of the things we will miss quite a lot while isolating. But won’t that first coffee and cake taste amazing when this is all over!!

So after thinking about it for a while I realised there are lots of ways we can make our weekends different and so here they are.


So although I am following a sort of timetable with trying to incorporate some learning into the boys days I am also being quite relaxed with it, let’s face it I’m not a teacher and probably would end up teaching them the complete wrong way to do simple sums or something. I’ve read a few times now that parents shouldn’t be worried about teaching their children during this time and that the home should not be treated like a school etc. I have though decided to keep a little structure to our days as I have saw this week how the boys thrive on that routine, which I knew they would. They ho and check what’s happening next and get on with what I ask them to do. So although the work I’m giving them is probably more a revision of what they have done at least they feel secure knowing what’s happening. We have tweaked the timetable so that we do most of the work before lunch and then the rest day is just fun crafts and play. This routi e however helps them know where we are in the week, they also have what’s app football chats ob their football nights which keeps the routine going. When the weekend comes then the routine will not be work it will just be family time, so they will clearly be able to see a difference in weekday and weekends

Weekend gaming

So normally I try and keep gaming such as the xbox and sometimes the switch( but not so much) to only at the weekends. This week though its been on quite a few times but I think by keeping it just for the weekend they have that thing to look forward to at the end of the week. Alfie always asks is it the weekend yet so he can play his games. I do let them have their tablets everyday for a bit of down time before or after dinner though so the xbox then feels that bit more exciting.

A family drive

So this one I’m not actually sure if it’s allowed, but if it is heading out in the car for a drive round obviously not getting out but just a quick drive to break up the day at the weekend would be nice.

A family walk

So we can have one hour exercise per day by yourself or with members of your household. We are lucky enough to have a garden and so the kids have been out there for some exercise and fresh air everyday. Thankfully the weather has been good. But why not get up on a Saturday or Sunday morning And everyone head out for a walk as long as you can maintain your social distance if you meet anyone.

Baking days

So lots of people always talk about pancake Saturdays or Sunday fry ups so keep this going as part of your weekend routine. If you don’t already do it, it could be fun. What will your weekend bake be? Bannana bread, carrot cake, pancakes, scones, Brownies??? I think I might start this weekend with some banana bread which is something I’ve never baked before and rarely ate.

PJ day

How often do you wish you could have a pj day and don’t so why not do that sure if the weather isn’t to bad you can still go out to the garden. Why not?

Movie night

Set aside one night at the weekend for movie night have dinner early then head to the living room with treats and snacks maybe even a family movie in bed.

For us mummy’s it’s all about keeping things going as normal as possible for our little people but a bit of something to look forward to for us would be nice as well. So here’s a few suggestions.

Pamper yourself

If your anything like me you probably never get time to paint your nails or put on fake tan or curl your hair. Why not use the weekend to treat yourself to some little luxuries. Run a bath, light some candles, put on a podcast and relax with a cup of tea or glass of wine. Baths are my absolute favourite, it’s my me time wher I just relax and un wind and I could have 3 or 4 baths a week. So this is something I’m going to try, keeping baths to the weekend will be something that I can look forward to. (don’t worry I will shower instead)

Dress up

Why not get dressed up at the weekend. We will most likely be in our comfy clothes these days but why not put on a dress and trainers or jeans and a blazer at the weekend. You may not be going anywhere but just do it for you and to keep your waist line in check😜.

Date night

If this is something you are used to doing why not set aside one night at the weekend to have a date night. When the kids go to bed have dinner on your own and watch a movie open a bottle of wine and chat.

What about the men

Wel grass cutting season is upon us so perhaps Saturdays could be their day to do that. Or if you have a car they could wash and polish it on a Saturday. Maybe they can use Saturday evening to start a new series to watch and keep it to just Saturday and Sunday evening. Or maybe they could have game night with their friends online on Saturday night( we all know they are big kids at heart😜). If your anything like me though you will have that many jobs for then men to do all week that they will just be glad for Saturday and Sunday to come to get a break. Lol

Basically I think I am going to set aside certain things to do at the weekend to make it feel that bit different the main thing being our routine will be completely relaxed.

Let me know in the comments how you are finding isolation and any tips you have at separating the days so they don’t all roll into one.

Stay safe and stay home

Laura xx

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