What day is it anyway???

So we are all now trying to adjust to our new type of normal due to the UK being in lockdown with well pretty much the rest of the world. So it only really occurred to me that everyday is going to be the same for the foreseeable future. So I want to try andContinue reading “What day is it anyway???”

The only just media summit Belfast….

Last Saturday I went along to the only just media summit in Belfast. It was held in the oddessey and was organised perfectly by Lucy and Allan the partnership behind only just media. It was really great and I could have sat all day listening to the speakers some who where flown in especially fromContinue reading “The only just media summit Belfast….”

February favourites…

I started doing these monthly favourites last year in February and I think that was the last one I did. So I will try and get a few up this year and stick with it.  It’s not always something new and can be anything from clothes to a book or podcast.  If you like itContinue reading “February favourites…”