Shameless selfie….

Hi there

What do you think when you see people posting selfies or photos of themselves on Instagram. Let me guess do you say “would you look at her posing” or do you say “I love the way she styled that dress”.

Sometimes when we see someone posting a selfie or a picture of themselves it’s easy to make assumptions, that they are confident, body confident, vain, happy with their body, the list goes on.

I rarely used to post pictures of myself in fact I would delete most of them because I didn’t like them never mind posting them on whichever social media craze was happening at the time. Now though, and I’m not sure what has changed but I don’t mind posting a selfie or picture of myself. I suppose now we are more happy to embrace what we have and encourage other people to do the same, body positivity is championed by so many people especially on Instagram. I wouldn’t say I’m any more confident now but am perhaps more accepting of myself. It’s not so many years ago that i wouldn’t even want to go into a shop alone and do you know even yet those nerves creep in and it all comes from lack of confidence. Like when you come to traffic lights and the cars all stop to let you cross Instead of striding across you will skuttle across as quick as possible out of the way. Isn’t it funny how you can be such an introvert but at the same time put yourself out there so to speak.

So now when I post pictures of myself I still cringe a little, I’d hate to think people would think of me as vain or a poser cause that’s not me. Seriously I wash my hair once a week, rarely get my nails done, my eyebrows are taking the new bushy brow trend to a whole new level and I could probably count on the one hand the number of times this year I’ve applied fake tan but that’s all OK with me.

That’s part of the meaning behind my hashtag #mumfashionmonday it’s about realistic people getting up and putting on whatever makes them happy not feeling they have to be on point all of the time. Let’s face it not every Monday morning we have time or energy to put on a full face of make up a fancy dress and live up to the girl about town image that sometimes we may feel we have to or else we really can’t take a picture of today’s ootd.

If you want to join in with my hashtag don’t feel you need to be dressed up, if you are that’s great to but also if your just chilling in leggings and a hoody like me then snap that picture too. Share any day of the week you like you don’t even have to be a mum to get involved, just be happy in yourself.

That got a bit deep😬😬 well deep for me.

Thanks for reading don’t forget use the hashtag #mumfashionmonday so I can see all your pictures.

Laura x

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