Local stories for kids….

I love reading although nowadays it tends to be 15 mins before bed or while in the bath very occasionally during nap time. It’s something that was instilled in me when I was younger by my mum. I loved the school book club and had everything from the babysitters club, Enid blightton to Harry Potter. I always have tried to encourage my kids to read and we try to have a story every night before bed

Over the past couple of years we have gathered up a few books that are specific to Northern Ireland either by the author/illustrator, the story or the location. The boys are particularly drawn to these books and grab their attention.

Pippin the Guinea Fowl

This is a beautifully wrote and illustrated book by a brother and sister from Ballymena. We went along to the book launch in Ballymena where they read the story and we then bought one to read at home. It’s about a bird who is different from the other birds, as he wonders through the woods he doesn’t fit in with the others. Along the way discovers what makes him special and finds where he belongs and is accepted for who he is.

The Six Legged Spider

Another book beautifully illustrated by Jennifer davison and wrote by Tim Bailie. Jennifer has since become one of the stall holders at the Mummy&me markets and I bought this at our Christmas market for the boys. Again it is another story about difference, and acceptance and I love the little hidden meaning behind it. The six legged spider was different, she felt she couldn’t do the same things the other spiders did, they where cruel to her. She set off to the human world to find a job but her greatest talent was there all along she just didn’t realise it.I love how I can read this story and the boys see that meaning behind it and how it’s important to understand that people are all different. If you would like to find more of Jennifer’s books click here.

Scrabo and the Brent Goose

We got this book at St George’s market and the boys really love it. Any time we are driving near scrabo Tower or Strangford lough they always look out the window to see if they see scrabo. It’s slightly older perhaps 5+ but also fine for older readers.Scrabo meets a Brent goose on Strangford lough where he lives they become good friends. Amelia the Brent has to leave to go back to Arctic Canada but promises to find scrabo when she returns in the Autumn. A lovely read that teaches about the journey of birds.

Samsons Titanic Journey

Another book purchased at St Georges Market wrote by Lauren Graham, this is a favourite of Alfie’s. It’s the story of Samson the mouse how he grew up in the ship yard in Belfast. It tells the story of Titanic through the eyes of a mouse on board the ship when it crashes. Will he make it to America.

Causeway coast

The boys love this book by Jimmy Smyth, cause its based around some of their favourite places. The Giants causeway, carrick a rede and Portstewart strand. Its the story of a boy and his dog who spot a leprechaun a chase him round the North Coast but the leprechaun plays a few tricks on them along the way.

Id love to hear if you have any local stories you enjoying reading with your kids. These are some of our favourites we hope you like them.

Laura x

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