Tenerife 2019….

Hi there

We are just back from our holiday to Tenerife and I thought I would do a blog post with all the details now as I had so many messages on Instagram.

So we stayed in parque Santiago iii, we have stayed in parque Santiago iv before, but this time we booked private throughcanary Island escapes and flights through Ryan Air. We also booked during term time as that’s the time we normally go and through doing so we saved over £1000.

Booking during term time

So a lot of people wondered how we approached the kids school about this and so far we have had no issues with the school not wanting them to go out of school. I just wrote a note to say that they wouldn’t be at school on the dates we where away as we where going on holiday and the boys gave it to there teachers. At the minute you don’t get fined in NI but if and when the time comes it would still work out cheaper to pay the fine and go during term time. I think it’s really important for us as a family to have a family holiday. We always have took them away and they really benefit from it. Obviously as they get older and have exams for example we would avoid those times, but for now one week off will not do them any harm.

Booking private accommodation

I have booked private accommodation for my mum for years but this is the first we have booked for ourselves. We booked through canary Island escapes. It was very straight forward to book and they helped us find a suitable date and accommodation for us. The accommodation itself has all been updated and looks very modern. If you check their Facebook and Instagram page you will see last minute deals. Our accommodation was a studio, with a double bed and a double sofa bed. We hired a cot aswell for Gracie.

Budget airlines

This was the first time we booked with Ryan Air. It was OK it did seem a little less clean I thought than some other budget airlines we have used but it’s a case of you get what you pay for and to get our holiday as cheap as possible we went with them.

Car hire

This is something we have never done before and it was David Did all the driving. We booked a 7 seater hire car with car seats through a company called Autoresin. When we arrived at the airport we went to the desk with our driving licence etc and they gave us the key. The car was parked in the car park waiting for us. Then on return we Brought it back to the desk in the parking area and gave back the keys. It saved us adding on the return transfers on our booking and also ment we didn’t need to use taxis to go out and about. We had planned on travel a couple of days but the weather was so nice and warm we really enjoyed staying about the hotel and beach. We went one day up to the North of the island to Las Teresitas beach and the old town of la laguna. Trips to Mount Tiede will have to wait for another time.


There are so many supermarkets around the area which is great and they stock almost everything you would need. However the ones on the main street are slightly more expensive, If you walk back a few streets they tend to be slightly cheaper. We drove to the supermarket that’s is at the parque Santiago 6 and bought in enough for the kids breakfast and lunches most days. We only ate out for breakfast a few times.

Eating out

You won’t be stuck for somewhere to eat out in Tenerife, they are so many restaurants and cafes evn mcdonalds if all else fails. For lunch most days David and me ate in panaria its so handy to the beach and they do lovely coffee. Normally we would spend 10 euro or less on lunch for us both. We also found a new cafe in Los Cristianos called be coffee which we ate in a couple of times and another cafe in la laguna which was really nice for coffee.

For evening meal we only had one meal that we didn’t love as much as the others but everywhere else was lovely and the variety of cuisines is great, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai or British the list is endless.

I will leave you with a little tour of our apartment we took before we left. Thanks for reading

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