The boys birthday party…..

Jake and Alfies birthdays are just a day apart so where possible we have their party together normally it works out the weekend before or after their actual birthday. I wouldnt think we will get away with the joint party much longer now that Alfie is at school. We hired the coaching for christ CentreContinue reading “The boys birthday party…..”

Miss Gracie is two……

The baby of the house has turned two and oh my it’s hard to believe. The last two years have just flew past. I always get a bit emotional thinking back to that day when our little fire cracker entered the world at 5.54am and then was took off to neo natal nine hours later.Continue reading “Miss Gracie is two……”

Dresses of summer….

I love a dress in the summer and especially love the casual style that is dresses with trainers, that has come about the last couple of years. Unfortunately the Northern Ireland weateher doesn’t always allow for a dress even when summer is in full swing. I love nothing more than throwing on a dainty dressContinue reading “Dresses of summer….”