How I pack my kids holiday clothes…

Hi there

So our holiday is fast approaching and I’ve been sorting through the kids clothes before I put them in the case. I like the boys to dress the same (they aren’t twins) or coordinating in some way. I just think it’s cute but also it’s easier when your out to keep an eye on them. Sometimes Gracie matches them in colour or wears a colour that goes with what they are wearing. Most of gracie’s are new as she has just moved into size 18-24 months and the boys have some new but some shorts are from last year.

So first I leave out an outfit for going, an outfit for coming home and 6 outfits in between. They then need swimming clothes, day clothes and h oodies or a cardigan for night. After that they need footwear and hats and underwear. I don’t take vests for Gracie as I don’t think she needs them. And lastly pjs

I take normally 2 pair of shorts but this year we have a washing machine so I am just taking one pair each and one swim vest each. Gracie is taking this swimsuit but I am going to get her a swimsuit that that has a vest and shorts also (writing that on my 100th list as I write this),

For during the day if you go a walk or head away somewhere I got these multi packs that are really handy. So the boys have a three pack of vests from matalan each and 2 pair of shorts each that they already had. Gracie’s got these multipack of shorts and t shirts from tu at sainsburys and this wee dress is out of a multipack from georm at asda.

Again the boys had these hats from last year for night time and I have to get Gracie one as hers doesn’t fit (… Added to the list). They also need hats for during the day and in the pool to keep the sun of their necks though I’m thinking of getting the boys a peak cap this year which they can turn around.

Shoes for night time, the boys are from matalan and Gracie’s are clarks as any I tried on weren’t a great fit around her feet.

Flip flops for walking around during the day. The boys are primark £4 and Gracie’s are from next £5 I think. We have been trying to break all the shoes in before we go.

These are a MUST. They wear these on the sand as its really warm and into the sea they even wore them into the pool and it gave them grip so they don’t slip. I can’t remember how much they were but it wasn’t that expensive from sports direct.

I also got these in home bargains as last year the boys had swim vest but Alfie kept taking his off. I have also ordered a swim vest for Gracie but it hasn’t arrived as yet.

They have one hooded towel and one big towel each for at the pool or beach.

We take a tent similar to this for the beach it means they can go in and have a sleep out of the sun or sit in it to eat.

I’ll be taking these wee bows for Gracie’s hair s they are only 65p in home bargains and if they get lost its not so bad also this detangling hair spray which I have been using on both mine and Gracie’s hair.

As well as my own beach bag I will take a bag like this to put any buckets or spades etc to the beach.

I will only be taking one pack of nappies and this 4 pack of wipes and I will possibly have to buy more out there but everything g is really cheap and easily available if I Need more I will get them in the supermarket there.

Also some little swimmers for gracie.

Some essentials. These sachets are so handy I will put a few in my hand luggage also.

I have a few toiletries to pick up this week like tooth paste toothbrush, body wash etc. I got them each one of these in home bargains.

I have this garnier ambre solaire factor 50 spray suncream. I don’t normally buy the spray but I couldn’t get a cream one. I still need to get them one more. This aftersun lotion will prob be for us as I take aveeno for the kids.

I always find on holiday they charge a lot for the inflateables so I have bought this seat for gracie and the boys will prob want to pick one up when we are away.

I used to pack so much like wheeatabix and bowls and cups even spoons but I’ve found it’s not really needed. We know the area we are going to and there are loads of supermarkets selling branded foods from home and its all so cheap. I may take a few wee brioche rolls or we biscuits that the kids like just to snack on our keep them going if they are hungry when we arrive.

If you are taking food like wheatabix or crackers or biscuits I would normally put them in a tupperware box to stop them getting crushed. I may take a travel size diluting juice for the plane and buy water in the airport for mixing up on the plane but any other juice or drinks I will buy there.

I will just be taking the kids drinking cups with us and this insulated picnic basket if we need to take and food to the beach I will also take my ice packs to keep everything cool. (remember they have to go in your suitcase as they have liquid inside them) these are a few of the new books I have got yo put in the kids hand luggage. The hand luggage for the boys is pretty much the same as last year other than new books. I will leave the link to last year’s kids hand luggage blog post here. Gracie’s may vary slightly this year but I am thinking of putting in a small tub of playdough for her as it’s not something she playa with a lot and might keep her attention for a while.

We don’t need to make up bottles anymore but when we where making up bottles we used bottled water which we bought in the supermarket. If you look for one with a picture of a baby on it that is the one we found to have the lowest sodium.

I hope you found this helpful and if you can think of anything I’ve forgot please let me know I will add it to my never ending list🙄.

Thanks for reading.

L x

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