DIY hallway storage….

A few months ago we decided to put together some hallway storage to fill the alcove in the hallway. I knew what I had in mind but wasn’t sure what the cost would be. So I set of to clady timber to get what I needed. The wood that day cost £35. We started working on it in November and have only just finished in April. The initial making of it was fairly quick but getting paint picked and getting it painted all took time. I was gifted some paint from Johnstones as part of their doers campaign and the colour I chose was summer storm. I normally use Johnstones paint throughout the house and would get paint mixed up to the colour I want in their trade centre in penny Bridge Ballymena.

We started by making a frame for the chest and attached the wood to the front and sides. The lid is mdf and along the back we narrow strip of mdf that was attached to the lid using a hinge and both were then attached to the back of the chest to make the lid open and close.

We then attached two strips of wood to the wall and screwed the tongue and groove panelling into them. The chest then just slides into the wall and the panelling runs slightly behind it.

This shelf cost about £5 from jp corrys in pennybridge.

The brackets were surprisingly more expensive from homebase and cost £15 for 2.

Finally we decided on the colour then used Leyland acrylic primer undercoat.

We then applied two coats of Johnstones summer storm.

I had some hooks which I had bought from Just boutique in Ballymena in November. I was going to put up two big hooks and 2 smaller hooks but they had sold out by the time I got round to getting more so I decided just to put up 3 hooks instead.

We thought that was it but there where a few things we thought would finish it off better. So we put 4 strips of mdf on the front of thrle chest to hide the screws and along the top of the panelling, below the shelf we added a strip of trimming to hide the cut marks in the wood. This wood and trim was £10 again from clady timber.

So the wood in total cost about £60 the hooks where £11.99 each.

I think it looks great and has so much storage space inside the chest it’s great for shoes, hats and bags. So easy to put together but like most DIY projects, in our house anyway it took a while and was completely worth the wait.

Laura x

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