My morning routine….

My morning starts between 6am and 7am although I set my alarm for 6.30am and if anyone wakes before that I try and get them to cuddle in for half an hour. They have always been early risers which always suited me when I was going out to work at 7am. Lately though they would lye to 7 or if they are really tired half 7 (which is to late and we end up rushing).

While I am waiting for them to wake I do my skincare routine and get dressed.

I normally hang their uniforms out the night before and in the morning hang them on the radiator to warm up. Jake is great and getting dressed himself and only needs help with his school socks as they are tight. Alfie needs a bit of help with his jumper and t shirt buttons and alot of encouragement to actually get dressed (obviously by encouragement I mean me repeatedly telling him to get up off the floor, or put the lego down and take his pyjamas off). While the boys are brushing there teeth and washing their faces I get gracie dressed.

(today was pj/onesie day so no uniforms to struggle with)

We head down stairs and have breakfast between half 7 and 8am. Normally I have everything organised the night before bags packed and lunches made although by the time we get to Thursday morning all organisation has gone out the window and I end up making lunches up before the school run.

After the school run I normally come home and do a quick tidy up clear away the breakfast plates and have a cup of tea. The rest of the morning we spend at mums and tots and then nursery pick ups. Gracie has lunch and goes down for a sleep. And that’s how our morning goes.

Getting three kids up and out in the morning by a set time is tough going but being organised is key for me. Like I say by the time Thursday comes I’m exhausted and end up rushing out in the morning trying to juggle everything in the morning. I try to keep the mornings the same so as they know what to expect. I don’t put the TV on in the mornings or allow them to watch their tablets as I find they get distracted and no one listens and we end up running late.

My working day also starts about 8.20 Mon-Weds so I find routine essential. What’s your morning routine look like I would love to know?


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