How well does my star sign fit my personality???

I’m not a big believer in star signs although years ago I always loved to read my horoscopes just to see what they said. You never know if it was going to tell you might win the lottery or not. I find it hard to understand how so many people can fit under one description, so I’m not really a believer. As I am doing #themotherhenblogchallenge I thought I would look up what mine says. I am a Scorpio the eighth sign in the zodiac (I have no idea what this is) and decided to have a look on to find out more.

Some of the characteristic are below;

  • Female scorpios are natural Queens of the underworld (a criminal mastermind🙅🏼)
  • Not a women who tolerates surfaces level interactions well (apparently)
  • Scorpio women feel their emotions intensely, though they may not show them overtly (I think I relate to this one)
  • Scorpio women are universally known as sex goddesses of the zodiac (whaaaaaat 🤦🏼‍♀️)
  • Scorpios widely known reputation for jealous streaks🐉
  • She makes her living space an insular private domain where only her closest friends and lovers are invited (insular that doesn’t sound very instagramable🛀🏻🛋)
  • A Scorpio mum is a protective creature, strong and quiet, who usually has a powerful psychic link with her beloved children( Aren’t we all! It also said a Scorpio mum can discipline her children with just a look, now that I wish was true)
  • They set long term objectives and work steadily and quietly towards making their dreams a reality (I have no will power so long term objectives tend to go out the window)

So after my research into the Scorpio women my thoughts are…..I would like to switch. I’m not keen on the jealous female boss lady of the criminal world, who lives in a basement lair where only her closest friends and lovers are welcome. She also apparently likes taxidermy decor and snake inspired jewellery, but nothing cheap or tacky.

What’s your thoughts on star signs and astrology? Why not join #themotherhenblogchallenge

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