10 interesting facts about me….

So am joining in with @themotherhen blog a day challenge and the first post is 10 interesting facts about me. I must say I struggled with this one and use the word ‘interesting’ loosely.


I got married at 21 after being engaged for three and a half years. We will be married 10 years this year.


Before I even went out with David I said I knew I would marry him. (cheesy but true)


I used to want 8 children, I halfed that number after I actually had one.


When i was younger i loved line dancing and went along to all the shows. I even had a wee pair of cowboy boots, a waistcoat and a hat. Now I wish I had a picture of that.


It took me 3 attempts to pass my driving test. The first time I had passed on everything until I was going back to the test centre and I didn’t overtake a tractor on the dual carriageway.


Anyone who knows me knows I have an obsession with moving furniture. I always have even when I was a child. My mum would regularly come home from work to find that I had moved the the furniture all round and one time I decided to swap my bedroom with hers. Unfortunately I coundn’t fit the sunbed around the landing and ended up getting stuck and had to sit there until she came home. It didn’t go down well!!


For 3 years I trained to work with children then ended up working with adults for 12 years and I am now looking after children.


I am a serial hoarder. I keep everything. Recently I decluttered my drawers and through out several things that must have been about at least 12 years old and haven’t fitted me since about 2012.


When I was at school I considered joining the army. If I can think of one profession that I am least suited to that would be it.


For years I believed the song Lady in Red was Lady Edwards. I argued with everyone that’s what the song was. I finally admitted defeat a few years ago.

Have you got a strange obsession with changing furniture or a hoarding habit I would love to hear your interesting facts. Why don’t you head over to Kathryn’s page to join in with her #themotherhenblogchallenge.


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