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So this is a bit of a different post from me today as I am teaming up with 6 other mums to share our outfits we wore in a week. You can click the link to their blogs at the bottom and if you share your own mumstyle using the hashtag #mumfashionmonday we will pick a few to feature on our insta accounts throughout February. Often you hear terms like mum uniform or mum style bandied about and it can seem a little boring or practicle and some days that’s exactly what it is practicle. I know for me personally i spend a lot of my time sitting on the floor or wiping snotty noses so practicle is what i need but that doesn’t mean any less stylish, its my style. So this post is to celebrate mum style and all the shapes, sizes and styles it takes.
My Style

Describe your style.

I like to think on trend but practicle. I’m a mum to three young kids 6,4 and 18 months, I am also a childminder so hence the need for practicality. I love fashion and always have since I was a wee girl. I love getting dressed up who doesn’t?

What are your most common go to items in your wardrobe?

At the minute I am wearing jeans and jumpers most days I love a slogan jumper or tee or a warm chunky knit. When the weather is warmer I often wear brenton tops jeans or a wee pinafore. I do like to mix it up a bit and especially at the weekends I like to dress up a bit more.

What are your favourite clothing shops?

Obviously primark is one of my favourites i love how you can get on trend clothes that don’t break the bank. I am also loving new look and h&m at the minute and next is also a favourite of mine.

Where do you find your style inspiration?

If I see something I like Ill wear It I wouldn’t say I really follow any celebrities for style inspiration although I do like Holly Willoughby style. I love Instagram for the fact people share what they are wearing and you get to see it on rather than hanging on a shop.

Have you any fashion tips you could share?

I am not big into designer brands I don’t see the point in paying for something that you can get for more than half the price on the highstreet. I may Follow the designer styles but not necessarily the label. However a mulberry bag is the one designer piece that’s on my wish list. Also dress for you it’s important that you feel comfortable in what you wear.
My week of outfits


My first working day of the week. We are up from 6.30 this morning to get ready and get breakfast before the kids i mind arrive. Today I’m wearing:

an old denim shirt from primark

Stipe tee from F&F at Tesco

Black jeans Vera moda

Boots Primark.


My busiest day of the week and its a drizzly wet day. My aim for today is to stay as dry as possible. Today I’m wearing:

Cowl neck jumper – hm

High waisted Skinny jeans- Primark( £3 in the sale last year)

Padded coat- old stock Allie b boutique

Boots- primark


Another day of school runs and mums and tots although today I’m meeting some insta girls for coffee.

Lace detail jumper – hm

Jeans – primark

Pink and gold shoes- Fred funk


Today was my day off and me and gracie headed to the town first thing to try and find me something to wear to an event on Sunday. Followed by the dentist and then a training course in the evening. Today I wore:

Nude long sleeve top- new look

Zip up denim pinafore–primark


Today was a cold and windy one again filled with school runs.

Bobble hat – local boutique

Love sweatshirt- paperpress

Black jeans – Vera moda

Grey brogues – new primark


I actually stayed in my pj’s until Lunchtime then got dressed to go outside and play with the boys. So for a quiet day at home with lots of tea and coffee i wore:

insta famous sweater – New Primark £5

Blue jeans – newlook

moody cowl neck hoodie – The paperpress


So today i am getting dressed up and heading to the NIBLOGGERBRUNCH in Belfast. the location is in the Grand central Hotel which has the most amazing views over Belfast from the observatory. Normally i would wear a dress or skirt to this kind of event, but i was drawn to these trousers. I then wasnt sure if i liked when i tried them at home but it was too late to change them. Although throughout the day they have grown on me and i actually really like them now.

Blouse – newlook

Trousers – marks and spencer £35

Shoes – primark £12

I’ve loved sharing with you my week in outfits. Most of my outfits have been made up with pieces of clothes i have in my wardrobe. I have mixed and matched the old and new pieces together and i think thats something i do more of now. We live in a world were we love to consume,we love to have the jumper in three colours and the bag to match each outfit and enough shoes were we could possibly open a small shoe shop. The delivery drivers know us by our first names due to our continuous deliveries, which there is nothing wrong with by the way if you can afford to do so, but for me that’s not where Im at. I maybe buy myself something once a month or every six weeks just when i can really. Sammi Jefcoate did a piece in blog sphere magazine lately about her style where she said “i’m not a Greenpeace guru, i wear Gucci and leather but there is a balance i like to have in my life where i don’t constantly spend. i feel that although style is ever changing, once you find things you love they can be timeless.”

I think that sums up my style, the balance between fashionable and practical although your more likely to find me in faux leather Primark than Gucci but there you go..

If you made it to the end thanks for reading why not head over to see the blog from the other girls Catherine (mycopperfox), Sarah Cameron art, Lisa (mamas coffee diaries), kirstie (thepyjamamama) and Jo (Rose and joy). Why not join us and share a post of your own, don’t forget to share your outfit pics on Instagram using the tag #mumfashionmonday we will be featuring some throughout February.

Thanks for reading


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