skincare update…


In August 2018 i joined the Dermalogica skinfluencer program. Dermalogica is a product i have used for over 10 years, i started using it before i got married. When i was younger i would have got quite bad acne breakouts and wanted to get them under control before our wedding. I went to a local beauty salon and had dermalogica skin mapping done and regular facials and Naomi advised me on what products i needed. Dermalogica was the first product that i had used that has agreed with my skin while targeting breakouts. I have stuck with dermaloicas cleanser and moistuiser since however as my skin has got older the areas I need the products to target have changed slightly.  Also since being a dermalogica skinfluencer i have been gifted products and samples which i use alongside the products i already have however i now have a wider range of products to try. for example prior to being a skinfluencer i used special cleasing gel and now i double cleanse with the pre cleansing balm and follow this with my special cleansing gel.  From a young age my mum always taught me the importance of looking after my skin I always had a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising although I haven’t always stuck with a toner now though I find this an important part of my skincare routine.

my morning skincare routine

  • Dermalogica special cleansing gel– I normally just cleanse once in the morning and double cleanse at night.  A small amount of this goes a long way I am still only half way through a bottle I got Christmas 2017. Wet face, lather on and rinse off
  • Dermalogica daily microfoliant– I shake out a small amount into my hand about the size of a 5p and literally mix a few drops of water rub together and rub over my face, then rinse off. This can be used daily but I tend to only use it 2-3 times a week and normally at night.
  • Dermalogica multi active toner– a couple of spritz over the face I normally leave for a few minutes if I have time before moisturising.
  • Dermalogica skin smoothing cream. I have recently changed to the new skin smoothing cream with hydra mesh technology.
  • I either use stress positive eye lift or multi active power firm.  My friend gave me a sample of the multi active power firm which I am loving to target the fine lines around my eyes.

my nighttime skin care

  • double cleanse with dermalogica preclease balm and dermalogica special cleasing gel.  I apply the precleanse to a dry face and then very slightly wet my hands and massage it into my skin, i then rinse and apply the special cleasing gel.  i massage this into my skin, rinse and pat dry.  
  • if i havent used the dermalogica daily microfoiliant in the morning i may use it now
  • spritz dermalogica multi active toner over face.
  • i then use dermalogica skin smoothing cream all over face and neck.  
  • i also apply dermalogica power firm to my below eyes by dabbing a small amount round my eyes using mhy ring finger. 
  • i normally finish by applying a serum before i go to bed.  i have been using estee lauder advance night repair cream for a few years now.  again its expensive but a little goes a long way.  i apply about half a doppler to my hands and move in upwards movements up my face and neck.  

Masks and other products

Sometimes i will try different products on my skin and maybe use it for a short time and i always come back to dermalogica as its what works for my skin.  If i have a bad breakout i will use Clinique anti blemish GEL, a small amount dabbed on the spot maybe for a day or two.  Any breakouts I have now are normally hormonal or due to a change in products.

Occasionally i will use my dermalogica multi masking kit.  It contains stress positive eye lift, multi vitamin power recovery masque, skin hydrating masque and gentle cream exfoliant.  Each of these products can be used on their own or together to target specific areas.  At christmas dermalogica kindly sent their skinfluencers an advent calender with a variety of products to try.   I have tried the sound sleep cacoon a few times which you apply before going to sleep and it reduces signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality in your skin overnight.  I rub it between my hands and inhale it before applying to my face as a sleep aid.

I have also tried the rapid reveal peel i tried A small amount at first as i have very sensitive skin and wanted to try a little first.  You are ment to apply one tube a week so i am going to apply the rest of this tube this week.  

I also have a tropics green mask which I use very occasionally.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post if you would like to know more about any of the products leave me a comment.

***disclaimer some but not all products in this post have been gifted but opinions are all my own***

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