Home goals….

We bought our house in 2016 so about two and a half years ago. We have in that time done loads of work, we changed the kitchen and bathroom, we changed the living room, painted all the woodwork, so there’s loads of stuff that we have done but there still loads of stuff that we want to do and this year I would like to get some of them ticked of the list. It’s not so easy when your budget and your ideas don’t match up(anyone else have this problem it’s a big one of mine lol). So anything we do have to do will be when we have saved enough money to pay for it or else do it on stages bit at a time. The first project I have in mind is one we’ve already started, David built a hallway storage area. He panelled an area of the wall put up a shelf and made a chest for shoe storage. It just needs painted and hooks put up and I would like to get that all done first before our next project.

The next project will be our bedroom which is the one room in the house that hasn’t been touched since we moved in, not even painted, even the door isn’t painted to match the rest of the woodwork. So in there I would like to panel one wall and paint it. I had thought navy but it’s not a big bright room its got sloping ceilings and not much light gets in. So alternatively I think I will paint it like a stone grey colour with the other 3 walls painted the same as the rest of the house (Farrow and Ball pointing which you can get made up in Johnstone’s trade centre, they match the colour to what you want.) I would also like to paint the wardrobes to match the panelling at the minute they’re IKEA PAX wardrobes in white and also paint the door and skirting to match the rest of the house. We still have the carpet there that was down when we moved in and I looked at a parquet style vinyl I thought it would be nice and we could put like a rug down at the end of the bed. The last thing I would like to change then is the bedding to a either white or cream patterned duvet cover a few new cushions and a throw. I have an ottoman I had in our old house it needs reupholstered and set it at the window to make a window seat.The last project would be the bathroom. We have already done the bathroom but we didn’t have the money at the time to change the shower. So we changed the floor, the bath and put in a new radiator. We gave the shower a temporary makeover and painted the tiles in the shower but it’s just got a little bit grubby looking. I have saw industrial style black shower doors with a black tray but it’s prob more expensive than we can budget for so we will probably go for a clear glass shower door with white tiles and contrasting grout. It’s currently like a semi-circle corner shower I think I would like to make it like a rectangle walk in. We don’t have a big bathroom so don’t have a lot of space to play with but I don’t think rectangle style would wouldn’t take up that much more room.

Of course there is always something comes up in between times and we have to change our kitchen fan as the one we got with the kitchen has broke. But we are going to have to get one that’s built in so as the tiles can’t be seen when we remove the old fan. And the woodwork is probably going to need touched up this year which I think I will darken down slightly. So doing both of them jobs will probably take up a lot of our budget for the rest of the work will be further down the line if at all.

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