Santa nearly didn’t make it and new year resolutions ….

Hi everyone

I hope you are well and that you had a great Christmas. We had a great time nothing exciting just quality family time. We enjoyed the time off together without the rush of school runs and evening activities.

We had a little get together on Christmas eve eve with David’s brothers and their families. Nothing fancy just pizzas, nachos and a cheese board, some cheese cake and mulled wine. Some years we have gone out on boxing day together or they have came to ours for boxing day dinner but we didn’t do that this year so it was nice to all get together.

Christmas eve started off with jake waking up with chicken pox talk about bad timing. Although thankfully he wasn’t in bad form really just a little itchy (we used virasoothe to help the itchiness) the only issue was my dad couldn’t really visit over Christmas as it can be dangerous for him to be in contact with someone with chicken pox. He seems to be over it now and the spots are going away. We had planned to go to the christingle service at church but couldn’t take jake so we decided to stay at home. I baked my pavlova and David was cooking his ham which tasted so nice, he always does our ham at Christmas a definately this year was the nicest. He steeps it in cider, bay leaves, peppercorns and I don’t know what else for 12 hours then covers it with honey and puts it in the oven on Christmas morning. The kids opened their Christmas eve box and watched movies then when bed time came they sprinkled the reindeer food, left the key out for santa and a treat for him and ruldoph. And off they went to bed while me and David watched TV and had a cup of tea and passed the time until the presents needed sorting. My mum lives near us so that’s where all the presents where and about 11pm I went round and we got them all loaded into the car. When I went back home jake had decided to wake up and he was up until half 3!!! HALF 3!! We had to go up and lye beside him as if we where in bed for the night and he still couldn’t sleep. I actually didn’t know what to do I had visions of them all getting up in the morning and the presents all still sitting in the car. When he finally went to sleep David had also fell asleep so I went down put out all the presents creept back up woke him and got him to sort the big stuff. I was seriously panicking but we got it all sorted in the end.

Christmas day was just filled with present opening and lounging about until we went to my mums for dinner and more presents and then back home. I think I spent most of Christmas day building up toys and that’s exactly how I like it. Boxing day was much the same and so that’s how it has continued. Today is new years day and we got the tree down and all the decorations put away and are starting the new year nice and tidy and organised.

New years resolutions

I never really stick with resolutions but make them anyway. So here they are:

  • Be more tider, organised, minimalist whatever you want to call it. I keep everything and it really annoys me how I can’t through anything away so that’s what I’m going to try this year.
  • Eat more fruit
  • Try and go for a walk everyday
  • Spend less time on my phone when the kids are around (not no time on my phone but just a bit less). During the day I try not to spend a lot of time on it anyway but then have a wee scroll after teatime but lately I have been using it a bit more.
  • I would like to also try and grow my Instagram/blog a bit more and have set myself a goal of 2000 followers buy the end of the year. This is not a lot for some but lately for every 10 new followers I get I seem to lose about 5 so its taking a long time. Somewhere along the way I would like to maybe do Instagram TV or YouTube 😳
  • My last resolution is the most important I want to live in the moment and not worry about the future.

Have you set any goals let me know what they are? Also as I would like to grow my blog if you have any suggestions of blog post ideas you would like to see let me know..

Thanks for reading and happy new year. Here’s to 2019,. 🎉🎉


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