Stocking filler ideas…

When it comes to stockings I have 5 which hang in the living room one for each of the kids which they got on their first Christmas and two stripey ones which me and David had before the kids. I love the idea of santa leaving their stockings up by their bed but never have done it because I don’t think Alfie would like the idea of Santa being in his room while he was sleeping. We once left the elf in the bedroom before they went to sleep and Alfie had a major meltdown didn’t like it at all. Although I had heard someone else saying something similar and now Santa leaves the stockings on the door handle which might be something we could try this year.

So here’s what I put in them.

Pokémon cards

Treasure x.

Small Transformer

Felt tips

Small Disney princess


Small wooden stacking rings

Cry babies

Small wooden people

I also will get a chocolate santa to put in as well. And these sweets made into a slight.

So that’s all that we have in the stockings most of these things where from Tesco’s and sostrene Greene. I still have quite a lot to organise but what’s not done isn’t done and that’s that. This Christmas I have cut down in all areas of Christmas shopping and am trying not to be tempted in to buying things just for the sake of buying.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and remember it’s not what’s under the tree but who is round it that counts.

See you all in 2019


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