Baby no. 1 pregnancy and birth story…

So I’ve finally got the time to sit down and write jakes birth story. I documented a lot of my pregnancy with jake in a pregnancy calendar but then you know how it goes, the baby comes along and the time you had to do things just isn’t there anymore. Then another baby and another and now your lucky if you even see a framed picture of baby number 3. So at least this way I will always have it documented. So if birth stories are your thing why not grab a cup of tea and have a read….

So after my previous miscarriage (blog post linked here) I had decided just whatever would happen would happen and I wasn’t going to stress about getting pregnant again but by the start of August I had found out I was pregnant again. I was so happy but also terrified that it would happen again. We told family and waited to nearer the 12 week mark to tell everyone else. It was such a relief to get past that mark in my pregnancy and I know it can happen at anytime but with this pregnancy I had a better gut feeling. This time by about 7 or 8 weeks the nausea had kicked in and that was a major difference with the first pregnancy. The nausea started and gradually got worse and worse and worse. It was so strange because it seemed to be my house that was the trigger. Every time I would drive past when I was out at work I would be wretching I only had to think about going home and I would be sick. I was sick most mornings and throughout the day. We got some painting done in the house and the smell to this day makes me feel sick when I think about it. The sickness continued to around 14 or 15 weeks. If you have never experienced morning sickness I don’t know how to describe it but it takes over everything the only time I got relief from it was when I was sleeping and even then I woke up feeling queasy. Other than sickness and the normal tiredness the pregnancy was pretty straightforward and I was due on the 30th of March 2012.

I had all my routine appointments with the health visitor and on the last appointment I had a student midwife was sitting in. The health visitor asked if I would mind if the student could come along to the hospital when I went into labour as this would be her last placement before she qualified. For a minute I kinda thought “in watching are you mad?” this being my first delivery I didn’t really know what to expect but when people tell you to leave your dignity at the door they aren’t joking. So I got the midwifes number and she told me to ring if anything happened. I had a sweep on the week before my due date and really hoped it would hurry the baby along but it didn’t happen. I tried all the things they tell you to do pineapple, bumpy car journey, bouncing on a ball, even a hot curry which I would have never ate, funny now thats all I really like from the Chinese. Pregnancy seems to change your taste buds.

On the 2nd of April I started getting pains in the early hours of the morning. As the morning progressed I rang the hospital and they told me to come up when the pains were regular. I called the student midwife and told her I would let her know if they decided to keep me. When we went up the midwives sent us to walk around for a while and after checking me said they thought it would be a while yet but they would keep me because it was my first and they weren’t sure how fast or slow things would progress. I can remember it so well we had all the things they tell you to pack sweets, isotonic drinks, magazines bag for me bag for baby.

I was took into the delivery suite and the student midwife was already there waiting for us. She had a radio playing in the background and a ball waiting to help ease the pains. It was all very relaxed and we chatted between the three of us. She talked through my pain relief and I decided if it got so bad I wanted remiventonal but I really wanted to just have gas and air. I also didn’t like the thought of an epidural and wanted to try and avoid it. Labour progressed well but boy was it painful. I can remember at one point thinking how do people do this more than once. But the whole time Julie the student midwife was by my side chatting away reassuring and encouraging me and chatting to David. The actual midwife that was delivering the baby was in and out looking after other people. I decided I wanted the remiventonal and Julie got it all organised. I had a button on my hand and had to press it when the pains came. After a while Julie discovered the button I was pressing had stopped working so she got me a new one but my that time delivery was well under way though my waters hadn’t broke. Which ment the midwife had to come in a break them for me. It was the oddest sensation not sore but just uncomfortable for a second or two.

When the midwife broke my waters she then discovered the baby had passed maconium inside and she quickly rallied round to get specialist in. I can’t remember how many people came in but there was a doctor and specialist team. They all came in past and brought incubators and equipment out and in that moment I didn’t really care that there was about 6 people standing round looking at me. I just felt shear panic. Maconium could be potentially dangerous for the baby so it was important to get him out ASAP. A few more pushes and the baby was out but he had to be taken straight over to have his chest and lungs sounded. It was just a few seconds but it felt like so long until he cried. His lungs where fine and so was he and they finally placed him in my arms. I couldn’t believe it I think we were both so overwhelmed we just sat staring at him for what seemed like hours. Our perfect baby boy 7lb 8oz was born at 3.46pm.

We didn’t know what we were having so had picked names we liked for both boy and girl. We had max and jake for a boy but as soon as we saw him we new he was baby jake. We had tea and toast while the nurses were getting everything sorted and its so true what everyone says, it’s the nicest tea and toast you ever get.

My mum had patiently waited outside the maternity ward and she was allowed in to see us then we got took round to the ward. After a while David went home to get changed and come back while I had a rest. Later that night we had visitors up, Davids mum and brothers and sisters all came and we had friends call in as well. When everyone left it was just me and jake and as tired and exhausted as I was from the day I couldn’t sleep. I just lay watching him for most of the night. The next day we were up early and dressed early ready for home. David came and collected us a we set off for home as a family of 3 in our new baby bubble!

To be continued…..

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