Life update

hi there

My blog name is Laura’s little loves and one of those little loves is my work.  Although there are many. many. many things about it i don’t like generally speaking i like what i do and it can be a very rewarding job.  Not the highest paid or the most creative but a real sense that you have helped someone that day, you’ve been the one person who asked them how they are or you’re the last person to say goodnight before they go to bed.  That’s the kinds of rewards i get out of being a care assistant.  But i have just handed in my notice after 11 years and am setting off in a different direction (with kids as opposed to elderly people)


This was a big decision to make as the last time i had a job change the only responsibilities i had where a mobile phone and car insurance.  Fast forward 11 years and i now have a house, 3 kids and about 1001 bills that come part and partial with that.   So the push that made me change was mostly the early starts.  Starting with my first client at 7.30 am means having to get now 3 kids up dressed and fed to be taken to the childminder for 7/7.15 am.  The weekend work was another big push,  i only get one weekend off a month which wasnt great for getting out and enjoying family life.

I have done a complete turnaround i am now registered as a childminder, i have gone from working with elderly people to kids.  Although this is actually what i trained to do when i left school.  This i’m sure will have its downsides also but i will be at home with the kids and it will be me taking them to school in the morning and the weekend will be our own.  Being self employed is a minefield and the paperwork is unbelievable but i’m going to give it ago and see how i find it.


I think when the weekend comes after a week with me and 6 kids i will be ready for a big glass of wine.  keep you fingers crossed for me……

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