9-12 months baby update….

So it’s been a while since I did a baby update almost 6 months. Gracie is 11 months now and I can’t quite believe that I have actually started making plans for her first birthday. Obviously that is a milestone to celebrate but I know how quick time is passing and I so desperately want to hang on to these days when they are all young and crawl up beside you on the sofa and want you to tuck them into bed at night or look for your face when they cry. Since the last baby update I did Gracie’s wee personality is really starting to shine . She has decided she wants to feed herself her bottle. This is something the boys never did and I just love feeding her so I try and hold her bottle but she likes to make sure she has a good grip on it too. Her wee personality is starting to shine through and all her wee likes a d dislikes. She has took an interest in dogs and loved it when I brought my mums dog round to look after, the dog never got a minutes peace with her chasing him in the walker and she knows when you say where’s the doggy to say woof woof. She has definitely mastered the walker and can zoom off right round the house navigating where she wants to go. Gracie was never a big fan of tummy time and still isn’t but when on her tummy she can slide round the room and get up on to he knees but she doesn’t seem to like it and tends to bring one leg in below her so she ends up sitting on her bum. Now if she is left to sit on the floor she can move quite a distance on her bum. I’m not sure if it’s a bum shuffle or a bit of stretching that makes her move but she can definitely move. And up until the last few days that’s how she got about but now she has definitely mastered crawling and it’s the cutest crawl it’s like a bum wiggle. She has good balance and can support herself well when she is holding on to furniture. As yet she hasn’t got proper shoes but I think we are going to get her measured for some pre walkers. Sleep wise Gracie has always been a good sleeper but for about a month around 9 months she would wake up around 9pm for her dummy to be put back in then she went over again. We went on holiday when Gracie was 10 months and she would have two good sleeps in the day and go down later at night but she didn’t wake once.

Now we’re home she goes to sleep around 8 and at the minute is sleeping all night. She hasn’t been sleeping in a sleepyhead since she went into her own room at 6 months but still uses her Ewan the dream sheep, my hummy and jelly cat bunny. She is very vocal and like to shout or scream at the boys. She can say all the usual mama, dada , nana and copies sounds like,. “it it” or “raar” Still at almost 11 months she has no teeth, not one at nearly one year old. The boys both had teeth by this stage but loads of people have told me about their babies not getting teeth until they where well over one.

Gracie is wearing 9-12 month clothes and I’m loving all the the girly summer dresses (and all things unicorns if you hadn’t already guessed) I can’t believe the next update I do my baby will be one. She is such an easy going loveable happy baby. And as with both the boys has brought so much joy to our lives. Our little blue eyed girl.

Laura xx

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