Ready for take off…

It’s almost time for us to go on holiday and after not having a holiday abroad last year we are so ready for a bit of sunshine. This will be Jake’s 6th time, Alfie’s 4th time and gracie’s 1st time in Tenerife so the boys are well used to flying and so far have never been any trouble ,(there’s always time for that to change but let’s hope not). I always like to pack their bags for the plane a few weeks in advance so I know we have everything we need to keep them occupied. I thought I would share with you what we are putting into their plane bags this year. Normally they both take small pull along cases but this year Jake is going to take a back pack he got for his birthday and Alfie is taking his pull along case that can also be used as a back pack. This way they can both carry their own bag when we have the other cases and the baby to sort. I am also taking Gracie’s carrier as I want to be able to have both hands free to hold the boys. So it’s 4 hours 30 mins on our flight and I think the most important item will be their ipads loaded up with a couple of movies and other videos and games (iPad parenting right there).

That will pass a couple of hours then maybe we will get something to eat and pass another 30 mins or so I hope. I’ve then packed a couple of games in each bag that they normal carry in a bag at home if we go out anywhere.

I picked these wee games up in sostrene green in Belfast and they are so handy. There is connect 4, heads and tails and happy families.

There is also a couple of Peter rabbit games which they got in McDonald’s as Alfie enjoys playing them. The next thing I’ve put in is colouring pencils, pencils and a drawing pad each. Jake especially loves to draw so this I hope will keep them occupied on the plane and on holiday as well.

I got 2 tubs of playdoh and cutters from Poundland (not entirely sure what I was thinking here as I will probably end up walking off the plane with a big blob of playdoh stuck to me).

I also got them 2 usborne activitie books from Waterstones one is a sticker book each and the other is 100/50 things to do on a plane activity. Jake’s is in a book and Alfie’s is wipe clean cards.

I also throw in some sweets or kinder eggs for them to open on the plane aswell (just what other passengers want children loaded up with e numbers ). If i have time before we go i will maybe make some diy lego tins and fill the with some lego pieces that they can build . It’s unlikely that Jake will sleep on the plane as it’s during the day but Alfie might have a wee dose and I hope that Gracie has a good sleep but you just never know.

As far as packing stuff for gracie goes it’s quite hard as she is only 9 months but I’m going to take one of the old tablets with us and load it up with some sensory baby games and maybe some Mickey mouse videos. These would only keep her occupied for a short time though. She likes rattles and teethers and stacking cups so I might add a few of these in.

She will be due a bottle when we take off and another a short time before we land so those will be in along with nappies and a spare dummy. She also will have her dinner while we are on the plane so I have a bowl with a lid, spoon, cup, bibs, Ella’s kitchen pouch and a wee custard. I have put some of her things into zip up pouches which I got in primark as I think it will just make it a bit easier to lift out what I need especially when it comes to nappy changes.

I also have a sleepsuit and vest packed in case of any nappy explosions and then on the way home I like to have a sleepsuit or pjs to change into as we fly back at night and it will be a lot colder than when we leave Tenerife. It’s also easier when we get home to just put them into bed if they have their pjs on. It can also get a bit chilly on the flight so I will have a blanket in my bag as well and the boys will have their zip up hoodies.

I think with a baby you just have to wing it excuse the plane pun cause you just don’t know what they will be like until your on the plane. We have been lucky so far other than Alfie have a good old play with the Man in the seat infronts hair. Let’s hope that Gracie does as well but if not we are only on the plane for a short time and i can be the mother walking up and down the aisle for 4 hours squeezing out and in by everyone looking a little frazzled.


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