Matalan shopping haul…

I’ve always liked matalan but in the past couple of years I think there stiff has really improved especially their home stuff. The closest matalan to me is in newtonabbey which is about 35-40 minutes away so it’s not all they time I would be in-store but I had placed an order online and accidently got it delivered in store. While there I managed to pick up quite a few things for holidays. I’ll show you below what I got.

These trousers are quite fine and comfy to wear when the weather gets a bit better I loved the curved hems. I ordered these two pair of shoes in one has a laser cut pattern all over and would be slightly bigger fitting. I was going to change to a size smaller but I think a 4 would be to tight so I puti an insole in them and they are a great fit now they are actually more comfy than the other pair. The tassel pair for me are the shoes of dreams (I’m a sucker for tassels).

I have a bit of an obsession with unicorns for gracie she is actually going to believe she is one with so many around her room. So I couldn’t resist this little sun safe suit. I love the swimsuit and had looked at other similar ones in next and m&s. I might get her one more but how many does she really need for a week.

I ordered one of these dresses online and got the other in store but they are both available in newtonabbey.

These real leather pram shoes are great and actually stay on gracie’s feet unlike other pram shoes which fall off. I ordered them online and didn’t see them in store.

I like to dress the boys the same or co ordinating so these multipack are great.

Another pair of blue shorts and a pack of 3 t shirts. I love the bright blues and yellows on holiday.

These flip flops where picked by the boys they are currently lying all over the place cause they couldn’t wait to get them on when they got home. I’m not sure if they will take them on holiday as they go between the toe and when their feet are warm they might rub their skin. The swim shorts are for Jake and I will get him a red and navy sun safe top.

The last thing I got was this hanging Madame decoration. I love these and was going to buy one from a local instagramme shop but when I saw this at £12 I couldn’t resist.

Below is a couple of pictures I took on my Insta stories of some more homeware they have. I love all the current trends. They also had lovely grey and rose gold luggage and cool Lego brick cabin cases for kids.

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