6 months baby update

I haven’t been great at keeping a record book of Gracie’s milesstones although I actually wasn’t that great at keeping one with the brother either. So I have decided to do a six month review of all her milestones and progress so far. Gracie was born 2 weeks early and I had Group B strep in pregnancy which she came in contact with during labour. This meant she had to stay in neonatal for 5 days to be treated for sepsis. She didn’t have many extra checks regarding this once she was discharged.

Around 3 to 4 months I noticed that her head seemed to be slightly tilted to one side. After Consulting doctor Google I realised there is a something called torticollis which seemed to fit with what I was seeing with Gracie. So I then mentioned it to the health visitor who referred her on. The physio confirmed it was torticollis and she was then referred to get her hips checked alongside physio as the two can go together. Her hips were fine and after one session of physio she was discharged. Torticollis is just like stiff neck which needs physio to correct itself. Her neck is fine now and she can look all around her but looking back at photos you can see it really obviously although at the time it didn’t seem that apparent.

This is when I noticed it most a below is a more recent picture.

Up until about 4 months maybe four and a half months Gracie would have been quite colicky. She was mostly happy and very content until about 8 or 9 weeks then started to get unsettled. Morning wasnt to bad but by afternoon and evening she could have been quite hard to settle and cried alot (not just a normal cry but a real shrill cut glass type of cry which she still has when she cries I’m putting this down to a girl thing ). That stage has thankfully past and she is fairly content although she does fight her sleep sometimes which can end up with a bit of crying in the afternoon.

As far as milestones go she is doing all the things she should the only thing she doesn’t do very much is roll right over. She rolls from side to side and she has rolled right over to her tummy but she doesnt like being like that for long. I thing she just prefers to be on her back or actually she prefers to be sitting up looking round her. When she does roll to her tummy or she is put on her tummy she pushes her wee legs up trying to crawl but when she doesn’t get anywhere she gets frustrated. She tries to chew her toes for a while when lying on her back but a gain she doesn’t lay long as she wants to see around her.

She has good head control and can sit up unsupported although after a while she tends to reach for something out of reach and falls over. It’s an awkward stage as she wants to be up but can’t really be left.

She is babbling away putting sounds together the other day it definately sounded like she said mummy but I think it was just the sounds together. She follows objects and loves watching the boys zoom about past her. She knows her name and looks at you. She can pull objects towards her and move them from hand to hand and of course everything goes to her mouth. She still has no teeth but is definately teething her cheeks get so red and she is dribbling constantly, but it could be a while yet before any teeth appear the boys were about 8 or 9 months when they cut their first teeth.

She is a very good sleeper (I hope I don’t jinx it by saying that). She can sometimes take a while to get over but since she got her first injections she has slept all night other than the odd night when something has been annoying her. She goes down about half 7 or 8pm and will sleep to between 6am and 7am. Lately I have noticed when she goes down to sleep at bedtime she may wake a few times between then and say 11pm but it just takes her dummy being put back in for her to go over again.

She has moved into her own room at 6 months and is no longer using the sleepyhead although I think she definately missed it to begin with.

You can find a list of milestones for 0-6months on the babycentre website. http://www.babycentre.co.uk

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