January favourites

So January has been and gone and February is well underway. I thought I would do a little post on some of my favourite things in January.

First thing I’ve been loving is a pair of shoes I got from my husband for Christmas. We’ve had a bit of snow in January so I haven’t had much chance to wear them but the past week I’ve had them on a a few times and I love them. They are comfy like trainers but look dressy like shoes. Love all the pink and rose gold colours at the minute.

Second thing I’m loving is a navy slogan jumper I picked up in Sainsbury’s. They have had a few slogan jumpers lately but haven’t had my size so when I saw this one I had to bring it.

The third thing is a letterboard which I picked up in primal for a bargain price of £6. I have a lightbox and love changing the quotes and phrases round bit find I never have enough space so this is great as it’s longer and comes with loads of letters.

My forth favourite thing that I have been using in January is an essential oil. I have been going to physio and he make s these up. I have been using clary sage oil with rosemary and black pepper. I just add 1 capital to my bath and soak in it. It’s supposed be be good for hormonal balance and relaxing.

Last one is a natural sponge I picked up In sostrene Greene in Belfast I think it was o my 79p but you can get them in loads of places for not very much. My skin felt a bit dull so I have been using it to gently exfoliate my skin. I wet my face with the sponge then add a small drop of dermalogica special cleansing gel, rub all over my face and rinse.

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