Christmas and New Year

Hi everyone so Christmas has been and gone and we are now in 2018. We had a lovely Christmas I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too. I always feel there’s a pressure to be doing things and meeting people at Christmas and New Year however we haven’t done a lot of this, this Christmas it’s just been nice just having time together with no plans or rushing around.

Normally we take the kids to see Santa in the local shopping centre and then a few Christmas events. This year we went to Antrim Castle enchanted winter wonderland there was a ferris wheel ,Carousel, chair swings, food stalls, a Santa and it was lit up like a winter wonderland, you could toast marshmallows and kids could get their face painted. Despite it being wet and cold and only one major meltdown to start evening off we had a great time. It was about £10 for all of us very inexpensive but thoroughly enjoyable although you did have to pay for the different rides inside.

We had also planned to go to the Ulster folk park’s Christmas night’s as we went last year and really enjoyed it but Jake and David had rotten colds and we decided to give it a miss. All colds seemed to have cleared up in time for Santa.

This year Santa started a new tradition of bringing the stockings upstairs and leaving them in the landing. Christmas morning was a mass of excitement, toys, plastic, paper and rubbish piles. Then we headed to my mums round the corner for Christmas lunch and of course more presents we’re opened and more LEGO was built.

Boxing Day took much the same order only we hosted dinner for my brother-in-law and his family.

More games were played and Mummy and Daddy even ended up racing up and down the hall in the boys flickers without either of us falling I might add.

This was Grace’s first Christmas although only being 5 months she didn’t notice any difference. She got her first doll from my mum and a vintage wooden doll’s house that I hope we can add to every year. New Year’s Eve we spent at Home in our PJs and were actually in bed before midnight. (We are so exciting)

I always recall New Year’s Eve as an emotional night where people look back in the past with sadness or regret or hurt. I said it two years now and have it yet to follow through I would like to spend next New Year’s Eve on holiday. Whether or not that will happen we will have to wait and see but for now let’s look forward to another new year and hope it brings us all the happiness 2017 brought.

Happy New Year


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