Turning 30 30 30

Hi everyone

So at the end of October I turned the big 30. How did that happen seriously at the most I only feel like I should be about 25 whether I look it or not is a different story. Every year since having children has just flown by, they say time flies when you’re having fun. I don’t go out very much so I just wanted to write a little blog post on how I celebrate it. The evening before my birthday my mum took me David and the kids to millside gracehill which is always was lovely. Then on my actual birthday I got breakfast in beard while the boys opened my cards and presents ( obviously birthday or not you don’t get to open cards or presents when your kids). We had birthday cake for brunch before me and David headed to Galgorm Resort Spa for a nice day spa day.

It was such a treat as we don’t get much time just the two of us it was lovely to just relax. Mind you we probably spent most of our time talking about the kids. The following weekend a few friends had organised a day away in Belfast. Days are nights out a few and far between when your have 3 kids so I was really looking forward to it. We got the phone up and had her first cocktail stop at Granny Annie’s. My first bramble I may add.

We then had a lovely hand massage in Jo Malone.

A few more pit stops and prosecco along the way before we arrived at Zen for a cocktail masterclass followed by dinner.

I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday and have dragged it out long enough so here’s to the thirties let’s hope the next decade goes a bit slower than the last.

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