Baby routines…

I love a good routine I’m such a creature of habit. I like to know what’s happening and when. I know that things don’t always run smoothly though especially when you have 3 children and it’s always important to allow a bit of flexibility. I have read and re-read a dozen times Gina Ford’s contented baby book and it seemed to work with the boys I had a great routine. So much so that when Alfie was born both boys managed a 2 hour sleep in the middle of the day at the ssme time.

It may have been just a case of luck as this time round it’s a lot harder to get Gracie into a good day time sleep routine. We have school runs 4 times a day so I have to lift her out and in several times meaning she doesn’t really get into a deep sleep. The good thing is she sleeps through the night most nights. So for now I’m just hoping that, that continues and we will soon fall into a good routine. She has days at the minute where she will cry quite a lot between late afternoon and bed time and some days it’s colic some days it’s tiredness and then she has started teething so somedays there is a combination of all 3 things causing her crying. I think if she could get a good long afternoon sleep it would make such a difference. I have tried leaving her to go back over, not lifting her out of the car seat and topping her up with milk. The only thing that keeps her asleep is driving or being in the buggy. Her current routine is she wakes about 7 or half 7 has a sleep again from 8.30/9.00-9.30/45. Then around 11.30/12 – 1.15 then she usually wakes and I try the rest of the afternoon to get her back to sleep. Around 4/4.30 She will have another short nap although if she hasn’t had a great daytime sleep the rest off the day doesn’t often go like this. Then about 8pm she goes down and gets a dream feed and nappy change about 10.30/11pm and goes back over until the morning. I will gradually cut this dream feed out. She is now 14 weeks so hopefully colic will pass soon and that may help get her settled. I also won a competition with @sistersandsons who did a collaboration with @myhummy. The little bunny has a sound sensor and sleep sensor inside and it plays white noise but it also detects when the baby moves or makes noise and starts to play sounds again.

We are going to give that a go and see if it helps with that middle of the day sleep. At night she goes to sleep with Ewan the dream sheep playing and she also has a jellycat which she likes over her face.

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