A fish out of water…

Im a bit late on getting this blog wrote but here it is now. When I first heard Emma from @littlewoodlife talking about hosting a few people to chat about Instagram and blogging I was excited . It’s something that intrigues me this blogging Instagram world but as it grew into a big event I started to worry that I wouldn’t fit in amongst the big bloggers( i don’t think i fit into the category of blogger) However these worries where completely unnecessary as there where so many people in the same position. Emma did a fab job, the setting, the decoration, the speakers, the attention to detail, the goody bags, everything was so well thought through and everything went without a hitch.

Emma and Andrew @littlewoodmr where fab hosts. Panacea drinks and shortbread were laid out for us to help ourselves. We went on through to the barn where it was decorated with white linen tablecloths and fairy lights. It looked like the perfect wedding venue.

The day was really good we had a brilliant talks from @blossomingbirds @allthatspretty @sistersandsons and @thebrentonbird and a very funny tongue on cheek talk from the husband’s @littlewoodmr and @fatherofthebirds.

The photowalk round the larchfield estate was great fun and although to begin with we felt awkward by the end of it we where getting into the swing of it.

It was great to actually put a face to the names of some of those people you follow on instagram and although I spoke only briefly to say hello to some of them it was still nice. The table we sat at we didn’t know anyone so now it’s great to follow them on Instagram. Let’s talk about the goody bags they where great and Emma clearly put a lot of thought into them.

It’s was a fab day actually encouraged me to keep writing on my blog although I haven’t yet mentioned it on instagramme I see feel a bit more comfortable with it.

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