House update so far and bathroom on a budget….

When we moved into our house about a year and a half, ago we knew there were things we definitely wanted to change.  We started with the kitchen and put a new kitchen in and tiled the floor right through the kitchen into the hall.  We took out the fireplace in the living room and put in our stove that we had in our previous house.  We got the downstairs painted and put a fence put up around the garden.

  That was all that we had planned to do but then we decided to paint all the woodwork.  We got our painter back to price painting all the woodwork (the doors, skirting boards and balustrades) but it would of been quite expensive so we thought why not give it a go ourselves.  We spent quite a few nights painting it all but we eventually got it done.  It definitely took longer than it would of had a painter done it but we saved so much money by doing it ourselves.  We still had quite a few things we wanted to do such as the boys room and our room however the bathroom was never really in the plan. It was only when we were decorating the boys room and the baby’sroom that we started to think about changing the bathroom a bit.  When I say a bit I actually mean a coat of paint and changing the floor tiles but this progressed to changing the bath and radiator and adding tongue and groove wall panelling.

We didn’t think it would take that much to do it but through speaking to other people who have done their bathroom we were hearing figures like £2000-£3000.  We definitely didn’t have this much to put into it.  We shopped around a few local shops and saw a few nice baths but it was all working out very expensive one particular Bath we saw was half price and was still £600 at that.  We only wanted to change the floor and bath as we had changed the vanity unity already and the shower was ok.  We looked online mainly amazon and eBay and ended up getting the bath, taps waste pipes and a Victorian style radiator for less than £500 from a company on amazon called ibath.  That just left the flooring and for this we decided to lift the tiles and put down vinyl.  I had saw a patterned vinyl floor but it was in England and the company charged an extra delivery charge to Northern Ireland.  I really liked it though as it had a good tile effect.  We ended up having a look in Martin Philips to see if they had any nice other nice vinyl and they had the exact same one .  Originally we had planned to keep the wall tiles as they were just plain sandy colour and just paint the walls but we changed our mind.  We decided to put up tongue and groove around the walls and we looked at pvc and wood options. Coloured pvc was working out quite expensive and white just did nothing for the bathroom.  We liked the painted wood but worried about the boys splashing it in the bath.  In the end we went for the white pvc and after testing different paints on it we painted it with rustolem all surface paint as its takes to all surfaces and is waterproof.  The last thing was the shower and the actual shower itself is ok but now that the rest of the bathroom was painted the tiles didn’t look great so we decided to paint it again using the rustoleum all surface white paint.  I love how it looks now that it’s all done and we managed to stay within our £1000 budget.  I would like to get some nice fabric and make a nice pelmet for above the window but we now have the latest arrival to  our family so it will have to wait a while.

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