Ikea hack

So I was flicking through a magazine recently and came across what looked like a simple ikea hack.  I have looked at this little £15 table loads of times in ikea and thought it looked great for the money but when I saw how it could be transformed I knew I definately had to get it.  So off we set for a trip to ikea much to the annoyance of my husband (he isnt an ikea fan).  The table is the Lindved table and it cost £15.
I bought some marble effect self adhesive paper from b&q along with a tin of gold spray paint from the range.  It seemed so easy to do but actually putting the self adhesive paper on was abit tricky.  Bubbles kept appearing all over it, so in the end I know there are some bubbles on it but you can’t actually see them badly i just went with it.   I actually used the whole roll of paper instead of about 1/4 of it.  I laid the legs of tbe table of some cardboard and sprayed them with the gold paint and left them to dry.
When it was dry I put the table together  (well actually my husband had to help I think I had the legs upside down or back to front but sure I got there in the end). Then I added a lamp and some accessories and that was it.  I really love it bubbles and all.

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