Third baby buys


I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with my third baby.  I don’t know if it’s because this time we are having a girl or that most things we used last time for Alfie were from when we had Jake 5 years ago but it seems like we need almost everything.  When we moved house a year ago I got rid of so much stuff in a bid to declutter and try to keep things more minimalist alhough I think in the past year I gathered just as much as I had.  So some of the essentials that I have had to buy with all three babies are bottles and bottle teats, dummies, muslin’ s, bibs, a few vests and sleepsuits.  

 With the boys I used the same sleeping bags for both of them, this time I wanted to get some nice pink sleeping bags (everything has to be pink after blue everything obviously). These two are from asda where I also got some dummies 0-6 months and 0-2 months which seems to be a new size since I had Alfie.   

I had my eye on this sleepsuit for a while and knew if I was having a girl I wanted to get it so after my 20 week scan i came home and ordered it straight away.  It’s from and shop I found on Instagram called bob and blossom.  The boys loved it when they saw it said sister.  They also sell them with brother and a variety of t-shirts or sweatshirts in different prints. 

Some of the bigger things I have bought include a Moses basket, I gave mine away, a new pram as we had been using a double with the boys and a lightweight buggy for Alfie when Jake stopped needing it.  Also my old highchair was a Chicco one that was suitable from newborn which was great as it ment Alfie was up high when Jake was running around and he could sit up at the table with us.  When we moved we ended up selling it so I have ordered a stokke tripp trapp high chair which you can attach a newborn seat. 

This Moses basket was a bargain from asda for £35 and is very like the Clare de Lune style.  I absolutely love this bugaboo bee I got ex display in eclipse nursery store. I also got a new storksak changing bag.  I seem to have changed my changing bag with each baby but with the storksak bag I think you can continue to use it even after you have stopped using a changing bag.  It’s a great size for an overnight bag or day to day handbag.  

I always like to have a thermometer in the house when the boys where babies I always had a bath and room thermometer as well so I really liked the look of the brother max 6 in 1 projector thermometer I saw in a magazine but its £59.99 and I didn’t want to pay that much so I shopped around and found a new one on eBay.  I bid for it and won it for £22… I know what a bargain and I never win the bids on eBay.

I think it’s great it takes the temperature of food, room, body, liquid, bath, and forhead.  

There are also many things that I am using again.  I am reusing the mamas and papas nursery furniture for a third time. Also the ikea changing table I had for Alfie I will be using again. The Chicco bouncer I have had since Jake was born and the mamas and papas magic play mat.  Both boys loved lying kicking on this mat and it can also play music off your phone as well as the built in lullabies.  

I’m loving buying all the new bits a bobs and getting all the old stuff out again and ready for the new baby.  It makes the anticipation of waiting go meet you baby so exciting.  It’s hard to believe in 9 weeks or less we will have another little baby in the house you get passed that stage so quickly and I’m enjoying preparing our home for her arrival.  

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