Maternity wardrobe 

As I am 24 weeks pregnant I am constantly on the lookout for easy to wear pieces of clothing.  I find this time round my bump feels quite big so I really want to feel comfy in what I’m wearing.  That being said I don’t want to have to buy everything in maternity.  I find it quite expensive for all the time you get to wear it but in some cases it suits better as I find buying a bigger size in somethings looks to big around my chest or trouser look too big at the knees.  I have been using my normal clothes were possible and adding different items to them to adapt them for my growing bump.  Primark is also great as you can pick up pieces a size bigger and they don’t cost that much. I also like Zara as i find their clothes very flattering even with a bump and again if you need to get a bigger size the Zara basic range or essential range doesn’t cost a fortune.

These mamalicious jersey dungarees are so comfy they cost £30 from Mothercare. The top is also maternity from new look and it was £7.99

I also have about 3 pair of maternity jeans I prefer under bump maternity jeans and trousers.  I would like to get a pair of white maternity skinny jeans for over the summer as there is so many tops and blouse you can wear with them.

This long shirt is white linen with navy pineapples over it.  It’s got lovely detailed buttons at the sides and the drawstring pulls just above my bump.  The jeans are a size bigger from next.  Shoes from next as well.

Primark jeans normal size with button extender.  White belly band pack of 3 from new look.  Gingham top from penneys (primark).

This long linen shirt is from Primark I already had it and as my bump grows I have left the tassel belt off and now I’m wearing it with a vest below and leggings and the buttons left open.

Denim shirt from Zara with bigger size vest from primark and harem style trousers from next.

I had bought this grey dress from m&s last year but the jersey material suits my bump really well.   Striped dress and skirt both from Primark newer varieties of the dress may now be available.

I’m loving all the spring/summer trends this year but maternity style can be quite limited and expensive so compromising with what I’ve got and a few new essential items.
Laura x

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