Where do you start when writing a blog?

I have followed loads of bloggers for quite a while now and i find it captivating hearing about other people’s lives. Does that make me nosey? Possibly, but I am a bit of a people watcher.  I have thought loads about setting up my own blog but never actually go through with it. So I have decided to go ahead and write posts and then decide later on whether or not I want to publish it(im not even sure thats how it works). So where do I start well I don’t actually know, so I have decided to follow a trend I have saw on Instagram where people have been tagged to tell their followers 20 things about themselves.  So here goes…

🌿my name is Laura 

🌸I’m 28. 

🌿I live in Northern Ireland with my Husband and two sons.

🌸I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my third child. Which we found out is a girl let’s hope that was right as I have been buying little girly pink bits here and there and the wardrobe is filling up nicely💖

🌸I love pink and pastel colours. 

🌿I enjoy going on holidays and trips away. 

🌸I work as a carer for elderly. 

🌿I have previously worked in a bakery, a clothes shop and a children’s soft play area and a primary school.

🌸I studied childcare for 3 years and went on to work with elderly people. 

🌿I have also studies health and social care at the open university.

🌸I would like to go on and study nursing at some point.

🌿I have collected Emma Bridgewater since we got married and always love to add to my collection.

🌸my mum taught me to knit as a child and I always have knit now and then but when I was pregnant with Jake I got back into it.  

🌿I also started sewing when I was pregnant the first time and have since made patchwork quilts, blankets and toys and comforters for the boys.  They may not be perfect but I love that I have made them for them and they will always have them.  

🌸I also like to to decoupage but haven’t quite mastered it. 

🌿I also enjoy painting furniture and upcycling projects. Again they don’t always turn out perfectly but they say God loves and tryer and that’s certainly me. 

🌸I have no pets at the min but I would love a dog. I’m working on my husband to change his mind but I have been trying for about 8 years with no joy.🐶 maybe some day!

🌿I have suffered with extreme morning sickness with all 3 of my pregnancies but this one is definitely the worst throw in with that pelvic pain and low blood pressure.  Typical girl💖

🌸I’m a procrastinator.  Always putting things off and writing lists and never actually getting them finished. 

🌿love fashion and always have since I was a little girl.  However maternity fashion not so much trying to dress a growing bump is difficult . My boys where both spring babies and up to that point you can get away with leggings, jumpers and scarves, this baby will be born at the end of summer so warmer weather (or perhaps not knowing the northern Ireland weather forecast) .  

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